D’Pristine@Medini Launch

D’Pristine@Medini Launch

Lifestyle residential SOFO, with shopping mall just right at your door steps.
From $6xxPSF! Launch coming soon, Collecting interest booking now!
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1) 27th  June Thurs 7.30pm
2) 29th June Sat 10.30am

Price on request

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Attractive package for Early Bird Buyers only!


No Legal Fees!
No Loan Stamp Duty!
No State levy!
No monthly payment till CCC(completion)! 

Why Medini @ Nusajaya?

Strategic Location

Medini is one of the top choice destination for investment consideration. Being in the heart of Nusajaya flapship zone B, this 908 hectares of prime land is well-planned for liftstyle, business and living. Medini is well segregated into 3 key focus; North Medini for lifestyle, Central Medini for business and southern Medini for living.



Well-connected Infrastructure & Amenities

Medini is strategically planned to be well connected to Singapore and rest of Malaysia to international airports, highways and sea ports locations. Future plans are in place for regional rail, rapid transit system, light rail & a local bus
network in Iskandar

Medini is also well supported by surrounding high-quality education (Educity), healthcare & wellness and other
community facilities.

Cost Advantage & Special Incentive

The Iskandar authority has presented an array of attractive incentives to attract key investors and business to operate in Medini.  This provides cost advantages for new businesses, supporting migration and setting up of companies in Medini. This will offers a similarly high standard of living to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan or Korea, at much lower cost.

Pro-business environment with Malaysian government’s support
Offers development opportunities at lower cost comparing to established
Asian cities

Medini attractive incentives are:

Developer / Sub-Developer         

•Corporate tax exemption for 10 yearsAllow to source capital globallyFlexibility to employ knowledge workersIncome tax exemption for provision of management, supervisory or marketing services

Sector Specific / Operator

6 promoted sectors: Logistics, Creative, Education, Healthcare & Wellness, Financial,
Leisure & Tourism

•Tax exemption for 10 yearsFlexibility to employ knowledge workersAllow to source capital globallyRetail incentives

End User

•15% income tax rate for qualified knowledge workersFree car import duties for knowledge workersExemption from RM500k cap for foreigner to purchase property100% Foreign Ownership (sale/sub-sale of property)
•Investors in Medini may qualify for the incentives available under the Iskandar Malaysia. Incentives Support Package (ISP), they are administered by the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA). In order to benefit from ISP incentives, investors in Medini need to be Approved Companies by making the relevant application. IRDA, via the Iskandar Service Centre, will assist and process all applications to become an Approved Company